Quality products at competitive prices

IBERO-REX provides the retail, food service and food industry with high quality products and exceptional customer service at very competitive prices.


Canned, concentrated, pureed, and processed fruit in barrels for the food industry.


Canned, concentrated, puréed and processed vegetables in barrels for the food industry.


Variety of canned pulses, in tin and glass containers to satisfy all your needs.


Bulk and packaged olive oils in organic, extra virgin, virgin, mild, intense and olive oil pomace. Vegetable Seed Oils such as High Oleic Sunflower, Sunflower, Grape Seed and other seeds.

Olives & pickles

Green and black olives in different varieties: whole, pitted, stuffed, sliced, segments and halves, packaged and in bulk.


Capers packaged and in bulk in varieties such as Nonpareilles, Surfines, Capucines, Capotes and Fines Gruesas. Caperberries packaged and in bulk in varieties such as Fine, Medium and Thick Capers.


All varieties of pasta, both conventional and premium, organic, gluten-free and children’s pasta.


Paprika, saffron, herbs and spices, grinders, seasonings and salts, infusions and teas, bicarbonate, organic line and paella pack.

Dried fruit

Specialists in toasted and fried fruit. Tailor-made products according to your needs. Variety of pasta and dried fruit pralines.

Garlic & SDT

Garlic preserves in cans, jars and foil bags in all varieties: whole, marinated, paste. Semi-dried marinated tomatoes, whole, sliced, etc


Seasonal products available all year round, harvested at the optimum time and deep-frozen within a few hours.


Cheese, rice, juice and fresh products:- oranges, lemons, melons, watermelons, peaches, pears, garlic, etc.


Exporting worldwide

We provide exclusive information ahead of the fruit and vegetable seasons. By taking advantage of this information, customers can gain a competitive edge in making effective pricing decisions and efficiently ensure their annual supplies.

Secure your annual supply with Ibero-Rex

Get insider information to make strategic purchasing decisions and ensure the quality of your products.