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Ibero-Rex offers a personalized service for each customer, taking into account their specific needs and distribution segments. We offer products with an excellent quality-price ratio though to high-end specialties.

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Frequently asked questions

No, our services are free of charge for our customers. Thanks to our agreements with top quality suppliers, we are able to offer the best products uder the most favourable conditions.

Our experience of more than 35 Years, an honest and close relationship, the collaboration with the best suppliers in the market, with the advantage of knowing the state of the products to be shipped at all times. We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers with every order we receive.

No, we adapt to the needs of each client, offering products of different qualities and types, such as in bulk, in bags, organic, premium, sweetened, etc.

Yes, we work with products that have the official certifications required for each market, including kosher products.

We work with reliable suppliers, carefully selected by our company to guarantee the quality of the products. They are carefully checked before shipment. We endeavour to create a relationship of trust and collaboration with customers in order to offer the best conditions at all times.

We study the optimum time to acquire the necessary products, taking into account the planting and production season, reserving your needs and ensuring the best price and availability for our customers.

Of course you can! To better understand your needs, Ibero-Rex is at your disposal to organise meetings either by video call or in person. We also attend international trade fairs to keep up to date and learn about new opportunities in the market. Don't hesitate, contact us to arrange a meeting .


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