Sial Paris: Innovation and global food trends

Sial Paris

Ibero-Rex recently participated in SIAL Paris, the world’s leading trade fair for the food, retail and HORECA sectors.

This annual trade fair has been a global showcase for the world’s leading producers and buyers, with a focus on the world’s main challenges in relation to food and catering. The Ibero-Rex presence at this event has been to showcase its high quality products and establish contacts with other industry professionals

Global food innovation at SIAL Paris

SIAL Paris is a global business centre that provides an excellent return on investment for its participants, bringing together high quality buyers and providing a unique market opportunity. Manufacturers have the opportunity to communicate about their food innovations and can offer a comprehensive service. The spaces made up of: alternative food, SIAL Talks, SIAL Innovation, Future Lab and startups, provide an opportunity to discover concepts and innovations from around the world and decipher consumer trends.

For Ibero-Rex, the presence at SIAL Paris is an opportunity to show its commitment to quality, innovation and customer service. The company has been in the market for more than 23 years, providing high quality products to its customers all over the world. Its participation in this fair was a further demonstration of its commitment to seeking new opportunities and solutions for its customers.

In summary, SIAL Paris has been a unique opportunity for Ibero-Rex to showcase its leadership in the import of food products and establish contacts with other important players in the industry. Its presence at this fair is a demonstration of its commitment to quality, innovation and customer service.

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